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Bring peace and harmony to your birth
Now serving the Inland Empire in California!

Bring harmony to your birth!


I teach relaxation techniques and stress that fear leads to tension. Once the body is relaxed, a natural, unmedicated birth does happen when there are no complications! Come to class and learn how to enjoy birth by learning relaxation, massage, and natural breathing.

A relaxed birth leads to a better birth for you and baby. You’ll experience true harmony in birth.


I teach informed consent for all your pregnancy and birthing procedures. Through the childbirth class, you’ll learn methods to promote positive communications. Classes also stress emotional stages in labor so you know that THIS IS IT! Dads really like knowing where mom is during birth.  I also inform you of your choices, complications, and the entire process of birth.  You will understand both yours and baby's role in the birth process.

You’ll have the information you need to make informed choices about YOUR birth.  An informed birth helps you heal when complications arise.


Birth was meant to be NATURAL. You’ll learn that your body is designed for labor and birth and motherhood. Series teaches you how to achieve an intervention free birth.  I use many birth affirmations for the mother and her support team.

A natural birth gives you the overall best experience for your birth.


Birth can be and should be peaceful. Through my classes, you will learn the normal physiological stages of birth. You will learn how your baby is preparing for birth to help her come into your life.  You will also learn how to discuss issues that concern you about your birth with your birthing team.

Peace will be surrounding you during your birth giving you the best outcomes for you and baby.


I teach that you have a choice in birth.  Feeling free to move and experience your birth your way is very important to many mothers.  


Your pregnancy is only the beginning of your journey. Through my classes, I strive to teach you to trust your parenting instincts.  Parenting involves so many new choices. You will learn basic newborn care, breastfeeding, and parenting choices you have.

The more you trust your parenting instinct; the stronger you become as a parent.

Classes are offered in the evenings.  I serve Fontana, CA and Rancho Cucamonga, CA and other cities in the Inland Empire.  I teach in the north part of Fontana and am very close to the 15 and 210.

My classes are $285 which include a workbook, class CD handouts, Natural Childbirth the Bradley® Way, and What your Pediatrician Doesn't Know.  Of course, I encourage all my couples to call me during the series, during labor, and after if you have any questions.  Still have questions? 

My natural childbirth classes are forming now! Download and mail in a registration form: Registration

Current class you can join*:

Due June/July 2013


March 25 to June 3, 2013

This class is a Bradley Method® Class offered at $265.  It is a 11 week course. For more information visit my Bradley Method® teacher website. 

Note:  I am relaunching this series.  The first two classes have met.  I will still met with you to review and help you with the early pregnancy exercises and nutrition.

Due August 2013


April 30 to July 23, 2013**

This class is a Bradley Method® Class offered at $285.  It is a 12 week course. For more information visit my Bradley Method® teacher website.  

 ** We will break July 9th for extended relaxation practice!

 Email me for more information!

**You can also request a private course in your home on the weekends.

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